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over mijAbout 40 years ago I started working with leather with a focus on garment leather and all natural materials. Now, after several years in a regular career, I picked up this old craft. I now design and create leather bags, cases, belts and accessories. And it's all handmade, including the stitching. Hand stitched work assures solid products although it's very labor intensive. But quality comes first. Not only selecting the leather but techniques and materials have to be of high quality to be able to be proud of the results. I'm not only creating my own design but I'm also working in commission. Many customers have found my webshop to have their ideas or designs made by me. And that not only results in happy customers but a happy me as well. After all, that assures I can keep learning and developing this old craft even more.
Everything is handmade and hand stitched by me, no machines
Leather bag Abetone
  Leather bag Abetone, made of beautiful leather. In time the leather will become more supple. This Pinchetti bag is fully handmade and has a pouch on ther inside. The strap is removable and adjustable. This handmade leather bag has a nice, strong cotton lining. Sizes are (WxHxD) 25x20xcm . Other sizes and designs are possible. ..
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€ 155.00
Leather wallet Acerra
Handmade and hand stitched leather wallet with several pockets for creditcards, money and coins and even a smartphone and passport. Sizes are approximately 21x10x1cm when closed. Other colors and sizes are possible. ..
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€ 65.00
Leather bag Accumoli
Leather bag Accumoli is a beautiful handmade leather Pinchetti bag. The leather bag has a nice cotton lining and a couple of pouches of which one has a zipper. ..
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€ 199.00
Leather cover Abruzzo
Leather cover Abruzzo is a handmade and handstitched case for a specific calendar. This leather case is custom made by Pinchetti and has a couple of pouches. Sizes are approximately 16x9cm. Other sizes and designs are possible. ..
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€ 40.00
Leather laptopbag Cagliari
Leather laptopbag Cagliari is a handmade and hand stitched Pinchetti bag. The bl;eather bag is custom made of two kinds of leather in black and has a red canvas lining as well as some nice red features like a red zipper. The front has an open pouch while the iunside has several pouches and compartments for a laptop (in this case a mac book), phones,papers, mouse, and so on. The strap is adjustable and removable. Sizes are approx. 40x35x8cm. Other sizes and designs are possible. ..
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€ 200.00
leather bag Benevento
  Leather tote bag Benevento , fully handmade of sturdy leather. This Pinchetti bag has  a zipper pouch on the inside for your purse a.s.o. The bottom of this big leather bag has an extra layer of garment leather. The bag can hold a lot of weight. Sizes approx. 45x45x15cm   ..
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€ 150.00
Green leather belt with mosaic buckle
  Green leather belt, made of beautiful leather and finished with a nice mosaic buckle. The mosaic is handmade by Liane Salazar Mosaic. Every single buckle will be different from the others. Of course the belt is handmade too. Width of the belt is 4cm The availability of the green leather is limited. As mentioned, the buckles will be all (slightly) different. You can request for colors and designs of the mosaic. ..
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€ 85.00
Leather shoppingbag Varese
Leather shoppingbag Varese is handmade of two different sorts of leather and two different colors. The big bag has two zipped pockets. One on the outside and one on the inside. The bag also has a keycord. The lining is made of a bright cotton. Sizes are approximately 37x37x15cm. Other designs, colors and sizes are possible. ..
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€ 189.00
leather bag Veroli
  Beautiful small leather bag, handmade and hand stitched in beautiful soft and supple black and brown leather. This small bag has a zipped pouch on both front and backside. Inside there two pouches of which one has credit card holders. The bag has a white cotton lining. The strap is adjustable and removable.Despite the small sizes this bag still can hold a lot. Sizes are approx. (LxWxH) 20x20x8cm. Other colors and sizes are possible. ..
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€ 149.00
leather bag Treviso
  Leather bag Treviso, in beautiful supple red leather.  This Pinchetti bag is fully handmade. The inside has a separating zipped pouch on which a couple of extra pockets. A keycord is included. The bag has a zipper and the backside has an extra zipped pocket. This big is approx. (WxHxD) 35x35x15cm. Other colors and modifications are possible ..
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€ 179.00
Leather bag Accumoli
Leather bag Accumoli is a beautiful handmade leather Pinchetti bag. The leather bag has a nice cotton lining and a couple of pouches of which one has a zipper. ..
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€ 199.00

Unieke handgenaaide leren tassen en accessoires

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Have your own leather bag made

Do you have your own idea or design for a leather bag? I do work in commission and can create bags based on your own designs and ideas. Whether you want a completely new design or the modification of an existing model or start with your rudimental ideas, there always are possibilities. Together we will look for possibilities: the leather, the color, sizes,shapes,extra's, everything can be discussed. And all at a rate that will surprise you. Rates of course depending on choices made. Interested? Visit our webshop and have a look. There already are several bags based upon ideas of our customers. For example this gray bag. Or this black model. Other examples are: this green bag  and this solid blue/gray bag  Lots of possibilities! Please, contact us. Using the contactform you attach a picture or drawing of you ideas.

Leather bags

The beauty of genuine leather is that it ages beautifully. The leather gains a vividness and after some time your leather bags looks even better than in the beginning. And meanwhile the quality is as good as ever.

If you like luxury you do choose a leather bag. I do design and create leather bags for all occasions: work, party, shopping and so on. and always of genuine leather and good quality

In my collection you'll find leather ladies bags and leather mens bags. All leather bags can be made inseveral colors and sorts of leather. Of course I have brown leather bags, but also black, white, blue and several more colors. And everything is handmade. All leather bags are fully made by hand, even the stitching is done by hand without a machine. Leather bags become more popular nowadays. Have you ever considered to have your own ideas or designs created? Just contact me and let me surprise you

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    Levertijden verkort

    During this year my delivery times have risen sky high, due to the large number of orders. They grew from  3 to 5 weeks up to a whopping 3 to 5 months. Whichis, given the fact that everything is hand made and hand stitched, not even that bad. However, I do appreciate the fact that customers can..

    Sep 11, 2016
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    Delivery times

    As the number of custom made orders are rising the delivery times are increasing as well. In the beginning I was abled to deliver a handmade product within 5 days. However, more and more customers do find me and want a custom made bag or case. That means I need more time to develop and produce a shi..

    Jul 04, 2016
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    The Pinchetti brand

    The Pinchetti brand slowly but surely is beginning to land. That shows by the number of people that value the brand and it's products. But, up until now, it didn't show in the logo. So, time to hire a professional designer. Up until now I used a logo I "designed" myself. No strategic thoughts, no vi..

    Jun 11, 2016



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